About Us

Munera Esthetics, Inc. is all about bringing the latest advancement in technology. Our devices are affordable as it is durable, compared to our competitors you can focus on making money than paying that lease payment or monthly payment.

We do not limit your profit using refill cards, and other revenue depleting technology. 

At Munera we know how fierce competition is in the aesthetic space, as such we will help you develop customized plans to gain an upper hand on your competition. To top this with our first class training, technical support and service we are unlike any other brands. Constantly evolving to ensure that your practice stays relevant. This is who we are.



Munera ,The word munera, singular munus (cf. English "munificence") means "duty, obligation", expressing the individual's responsibility to provide a service or contribution to the community. 

At Munera our contribution to our Aesthetics and Medical community is to bring you technology that works, safe, and affordable (not cheap). As a customer centered company our goal is for each of our customer's to succeed by equipping "you" with tools, knowledge and support so that each and every patient experience is a positive one. 

Until now, the aesthetics space has been monopolized by the likes of billion dollar companies whose goal is to enrich themselves from selling you devices and making money without truly earning it. With Munera, everything that we do can be accounted for as we work the "hardest" for all our clients.


Our customer centered approach is unlike any other as we focus on what matters which is "your success". We will equip you with tools and resources to make it happen as we provide you with High Quality Instruction, Device  & Safety Training, Personal Protective Equipment and most importantly Continued Practice Guidance to ensure that your practice succeeds and remains relevant for years to come.


We offer the most diverse line of devices that are FDA CLEARED and other aesthetic devices that can meet your customers needs.


Lastly, Munera provides top notch technical services ensuring you that your equipment are maintained and serviced so as to prolong the life of your investment. 

And unlike other manufacturers who refuse to sell you parts and monopolize service, that takes away from your hard-earned profit, well we choose to be the one that does the opposite. 

This is the Munera Way....